With Ballet at the core, a wide range of classes are on offer at Twickenham Academy

Classes are held in The Studio and two attached halls. Uniquely, classes held in the Studio can be viewed by parents, something we encourage, particularly with the younger children as they approach exams. Where possible, classes are run back to back for convenience of parents and children.

Due to Twickenham Academy’s reputation and popularity, demand for places is high. Registering your interest as early as possible is recommended. We run a waiting list when we are not able to offer you a place immediately.

A free trial class is always on offer, so you can be sure the class is suitable for your child.



With the exception of Street Dance classes that can be attended independently, ballet is the core compulsory subject at Twickenham Academy. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. Pupils are trained and prepared for exams from Pre-Primary level all the way through to Grade 8. There are then a full range of complementary classes available to all students. Vocational ballet classes are also offered for further training, by invitation only.

Tiny Tots Ballet For the youngest dancers, each 30 minute class is fun-filled and designed as a very early introduction the world of dance. Parents and carers are encouraged to join in the fun and support their little one in this class for toddlers aged 18 months to 2½ years

Baby Ballet (Pre-School Ballet) Designed for children aged 2½ and above, the emphasis of this class is on developing co-ordination and rhythm with movement and imaginative games and adventures, whilst giving a basic introduction to ballet.

Pre-Primary to Grade 8 RAD Ballet These classes are syllabus based with the option of taking the exam when individuals are ready. Exams are not compulsory however it gives pupils motivation and a great sense of achievement in taking an exam.

Vocational RAD Ballet Grades These classes are by invitation only and are focussed on enhancing the ballet technique already learned in other classes. These classes are structured towards examination in the prestigious RAD Major syllabi.

IDTA Free Syllabus Class These classes take place on a Saturday, expanding pupils’ knowledge and vocabulary leading to the option of taking IDTA Medal Tests.



Modern is a complementary and optional class at Twickenham Academy. We offer graded Modern working within ‘The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing’ (ISTD) syllabus and non-syllabus classes within ‘The International Teachers Association’ (IDTA).

IDTA Free Syllabus Class These classes take place on a Saturday, expanding pupils' knowledge and vocabulary leading to the option of taking IDTA Medal Tests.

ISTD Graded Modern These classes are offered at Twickenham Academy as an optional class. Within these classes pupils learn a solid knowledge of modern technique and vocabulary, which complements other studies beautifully. Classes are structured towards examinations however participation in exams is not compulsory.

ISTD Vocational Modern Grades The Vocational Grades are accredited by Ofqual and include Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. These examinations form a cohesive bridge between the work covered in the Grades and professional training and work.



Tap is a complementary and optional class at Twickenham Academy. We offer graded Tap working within the ISTD syllabus and non-syllabus classes within the IDTA.

ISTD Graded Tap Within these classes pupils learn a solid knowledge of tap technique and vocabulary, which complements other studies beautifully.

ISTD Vocational Tap Grades Within these classes pupils learn a solid knowledge of modern tap technique and vocabulary.

IDTA Free Syllabus Class These classes take place on a Saturday, expanding pupils' knowledge and vocabulary leading to the option of taking IDTA Medal Tests.



From the age of 6, there are various groups available. Street dance is the common form of dance found in music videos and films. Pupils enjoy choreographed routines to current popular music. These classes help pupils to develop their own personal style also improve their confidence; encourage own choreographic style and own dynamics.



Available from age 6, limbering classes complement the techniques already covered by pupils. Classes aim to improve flexibility and strength, which will assist the pupil’s development in all dance styles. At Twickenham Academy we aim to keep these classes fun, to help build confidence and self-awareness. Limbering classes are encouraged, but are not compulsory.



From September 2021. More information to follow.



From September 2021. More information to follow.



From September 2021. More information to follow.



Festivals are a great way of boosting confidence, social interaction and are an excellent method of preparation for the professional dance world. Twickenham Academy participates in at least 4 festivals a year in the region. Many successful pupils qualify for the Regional and National Finals.


A free trial class is offered to all newcomers - contact us now.


  • aboutTestimonial1

    "I just wanted to say thank you and what a fantastic show you produced! Talia enjoyed every minute of it and said how she ‘loved to dance’ on stage! Any nerves disappeared! All the girls were amazing, such talent!"

  • aboutTestimonial2

    "Being a teaching assistant has taught me so much and is genuinely one of my favourite things that comes with being a part of Twickenham Academy. It is so rewarding to see all the children learn so much from you, Charlotte and Louise and how much fun they have . . . thank you for giving me the opportunity to become as involved in the dance school as I am."

  • aboutTestimonial3

    "Thank you so much for being the best dance teacher and I will never ever forget you and Twickenham Academy"

  • aboutTestimonial4

    "There hasn't been one day that Bella hasn't wanted to go to dance class. She has made great friends, been a part of a fantastic community and it's always been a space away from everything else which has been a brilliant support . . . I don't think many dance teachers achieve that balance which is why TA is a special dance school."

  • aboutTestimonial5

    "When you first started rehearsals a year ago none of us parents could believe how complex the choreography was . . . We were sceptical you would manage to pull it from the girls given their young age . . . And yet you did and not only that, they achieved 90% in their very first festival! Wow! It was a wonderful lesson in the power of aiming high and practice, practice, practice!"

  • aboutTestimonial6

    "I wanted to thank you for the show and the opportunities Millie had to perform. It has had a big impact on her self confidence and I have seen her try new things this summer that I don't think she would have tackled before."

  • aboutTestimonial7

    "I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the amazing support and kindness you have continued to give Harriet and for the wonderful show. You and your team created a wonderful safe and happy place for our girls and have given us all a memory to treasure."


Twickenham Academy of Dance (the school) collects, stores and uses personal data within the category of “legitimate interests”.

Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of parents and pupils are required for the school to properly function and therefore provision of such details are a condition of enrolment.

In addition any medical conditions must be advised.

Having supplied your details, on a day to day basis your information will, in the main, be used for the following:

Whilst supply of full contact details is compulsory, the school will allow you to refuse permission of photography of your child. Permission is granted or denied on enrolment and is deemed to be ongoing. If at any stage you would like to update this permission, please email twickenhamacademyofdance@thinksmartmail.com

Information is required and kept by the school for the duration of a pupil’s attendance and thereafter for a period of no longer than seven years. We are always keen to maintain relationships with alumni, especially those who go on to professional performing arts training. In such cases we may request a prolonged saving of your details.

If your child is entered for examinations, their personal data will need to be shared with the relevant board, currently these include Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).

We do not and will never sell or share your personal data to any third party for marketing purposes.

Any information submitted via our website is regularly cleaned and will be held within its content management system for no longer than six months.

At any time you may contact the school to ask what information is being held by emailing twickenhamacademyofdance@thinksmartmail.com

With the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ you may request deletion of your details from all methods of contact. We do reserve the right to hold details on invoices for accounting purposes for the minimum required period of three years. Please note that deleting your information will mean your child can no longer attend the school.

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